Quality Policy

Emdet Jamshedpur Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide increasing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality at competitive price. We shall achieve this through upgradation of process and system, higher productivity and reduction in variation and waste.



Tests conducted at our inhouse Lab

20 MT Universal Testing M/c (Fully Computerised) Hose Endurance / Life Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine Burst Pressure Testing Machine
Oscillating Disc Rheometer Hose Collapse Test under Vacuum
Ozone Testing M/c Circumferential Swelling Test Apparatus
Low Temperature Testing M/c Profile Projector
Low Temperature Testing M/c Humidity Chamber
Moneyvisco Meter Salt Spray test
Ageing Oven Life cycle test
Melting Point Tester Digital Height and Vernier Caliper
Oil Viscosity Meter Environment Test Chamber
Humidity Chamber Shore A Hardness Tester
Specific Gravity Balance External Micro Meter
Muffle Furnace Elcometers
Ageing Oven Viscosity Cup (B4)

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